Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yep, Here we Go!

Now I am scared. Annie is serious. I guess I am too!!!

Meal #1: Lehi Roller Mills Heart Healthy pancake with 1 scoop chocolate protein powder. (This is a first for me - it was just so, so. I will have to really be hungry to make it again.) Sugar Free syrup

Meal #2: string cheese, 17 Special K Multi Grain Crackers, Diet Coke

Meal #3: cottage cheese with tomatoes, 1 oz. almonds, FUZE

Meal #4: Whole Wheat Spaghetti, with meat sauce, peas, 1 cornbread muffin with honey

Exercise: P90X Arms - Raking leaves (that is worth something, right?)


  1. Ha, I am serious. I need to lose my flabby gut :) Josalyn said you would need to acquire a taste for the protein pancake. Where did you get your protein?? Or have you always been using protein powder??

  2. Just got it at Kohlers. It is EAS brand. I have tried the "muscle Milk" shakes before and they are definitely an acquired taste!