Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 11 - Annie

Breakfast, 9:00am: 1 buttermilk waffle with ICBINBL and sugar free syrup, 1/2 cup of hash browns with homemade salsa, skim milk to drink.

Snack 1, 12:00pm: Handful of raw almonds

Lunch, 1:30pm: Small piece of pork roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, roasted carrots, 12 oz. Orange Fanta.

Dinner, 6:30pm: 2 frosted sugar cookies, 1 brownie with cream cheese frosting, 1 super rich red velvet cream cheese filled cupcake and Sprite to drink. Whew--it's like my dream dinner come true but I actually have a headache from it.

Snack 2, 9:00pm: 1/2 cup cottage cheese with mandarin oranges. Needed something to take the sugar high down a bit, haha. Water to drink.

Exercise: None today :(

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