Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 12 Paula

Meal #1: Zone bar and mandarin organge

Meal #2: Cottage cheese and tomatoes with Diet Coke

Snack: Special K Crackers

Meal #3: Orange Chicken with peas

Day 11 Paula

Not even going to write what I ate. Not too bad until Jack's party. I seriously was sick on the way home and felt like I was going to puke. When I got home I had to lay down and I had a horrible headache all night. I went to bed. Casey made the kids scrambled eggs and put them to bed.

Not good!

Day 12 - Annie

Snack 1, 9:00am: Low-fat Smores Granola bar

Breakfast, 10:40am: McDonalds Egg Mcmuffin and orange juice (awesome, I know. We took Ryan to get his H1N1 shot and decided to get breakfast after cause we were ravenous. The sad thing is, I was still hungry after I ate. Not worth it.)

Lunch, 1:30pm: Wasn't super hungry so I had some Costco chips (yummy, thank you...I owe you some $$, too) and some homemade salsa. YUM! Oh, and half of my Fanta for the day. I'll keep sipping on it throughout the rest of the day.

Snack, 3:40pm: 2 pieces of WW toast with ICBINBL and honey.

Dinner, 7:30pm: Sweet potatoes with brown sugar sauce, 1/2 of a light vanilla yogurt until Ryan took it over...still hungry so I had a ham and cheese sandwich with a little mayo and mustard and 1/4 of an avocado on one of those thin buns. Water to drink.

Exercise: 1 hour pump class

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 11 - Annie

Breakfast, 9:00am: 1 buttermilk waffle with ICBINBL and sugar free syrup, 1/2 cup of hash browns with homemade salsa, skim milk to drink.

Snack 1, 12:00pm: Handful of raw almonds

Lunch, 1:30pm: Small piece of pork roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, roasted carrots, 12 oz. Orange Fanta.

Dinner, 6:30pm: 2 frosted sugar cookies, 1 brownie with cream cheese frosting, 1 super rich red velvet cream cheese filled cupcake and Sprite to drink. Whew--it's like my dream dinner come true but I actually have a headache from it.

Snack 2, 9:00pm: 1/2 cup cottage cheese with mandarin oranges. Needed something to take the sugar high down a bit, haha. Water to drink.

Exercise: None today :(

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 10 Paula

Meal #1: Whole Wheat Waffles with buttermilk syrup - HELLO Calories. Milk

Meal #2: Nachos with Costco chips with black beans, salsa, cheese and olives

Meal #3: Buttered noodles -

Snacks: a few rolls

My eating is a MESS! It is going to be a lot easier to get back on schedule when the kids go back to school! I have had a tummy ache too. I don't know what the deal is!

Exercise: Walk/Hills one hour

Day 10 - Annie

Snack 1, 7:45am: 1 light string cheese, a low-fat Smores granola bar and water to drink.

Breakfast, 10:30am: 1 large buttermilk waffle with ICBINBL and syrup, 2 pieces of bacon, some hashbrowns with homemade salsa, and a glass of skim milk. The skim milk made it all better, haha. So much for going to the gym...

Snack 2, 2:30pm: Handful of smokehouse almonds

Snack 3, 4:00pm: 2 pieces of WW toast with ICBINBL with honey. Water to drink.

Dinner, 7:15pm: 2 pieces of pizza. We just made a frozen pizza for dinner and the slices we quite small. I also had a 12 oz. Orange Fanta to drink.

Snack 4, 9:30pm: 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream with chocolate and butterscotch topping. It tasted good but not very healthy :(

Exercise: 15 min. on the elliptical machine, 30 min. of pump class. Pump class is an hour, but I got sick and had to leave. I think I didn't have enough to eat before I went to the gym. So embarrassing to leave but I guess it's better than puking in front of everyone :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Day 7, 8 & 9 OH BOY Happy Thanksgiving!

You are better than me, Annie!

I blew it this weekend, even today I have been having left over rolls and apple pie. But hey, I feel I am further ahead because of some choices in the past two weeks.

So I am getting back on the wagon . . . TOMORROW! :)

PS: I took the Costco Chips to Thanksgiving with my spinach dip and everyone loved them. I didn't tell them they are healthy chips! wink wink!

But now mine are gone. Maybe I will go get some tomorrow and bring them up Sunday and we can split the bag. OK?????

Day 9 - Annie

Breakfast, 8:30am: 2 pieces of WW toast with ICBINBL and honey, water to drink.

Snack 1, 11:15am: 1 light string cheese and water

Lunch, 1:45pm: 1 cheese quesadilla with sour cream and homemade salsa, a large handful of smokehouse almonds, a couple bites of Ryan's Pasta Roni, and a 12 oz. Orange Fanta.

Snack 2, 4:30pm: Cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows

Dinner, 7:00pm: 2 more pieces of WW toast with ICBINBL and honey. I wasn' t that hungry and that sounded good.

Exercise: 20 min. on the elliptical machine, 10 min. running/walking, abs and arms.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 8 - Annie {Thanksgiving Day}

Yeah, it was Thanksgiving Day. Seriously, can anyone eat {good} on Thanksgiving Day??

Breakfast, 9:45am: 1 light string cheese, 4 oz. strawberry greek yogurt, and water. A little late cause I got up and got ready while the boys were asleep. Then the boys woke up and I had to bath them so I just grabbed something as we were walking out the door.

Snack, 10:15am: This is where it gets bad, haha. We stopped at Maverick to get gas...Jim wanted me to get him a Pepsi so I got myself a 32 oz. root beer and a 1.5 oz. package of smokehouse nuts. I also got Ryan a bag of plain Lays potato chips. He didn't eat breakfast that great today so I thought he may be hungry. I did have a couple of his chips, too.

Lunch, 2:00pm: This is hard cause I grazed before lunch. I'm just going to write down everything I ate just to get an idea of how much I really ate, ugh. I had a few Ritz crackers with easy cheese on them, a sweet pickle, a dill pickle, spinach dip with baguette bread--probably about 4 pieces of bread with the dip. For lunch I had mashed potatoes and turkey gravy, stuffing, two helpings of sweet potatoes with marshmallows (which is so unlike me--I don't even really like sweet potatoes. They were really good today though), and two homemade yummy rolls with Orange Fanta to drink. I didn't even have any turkey--didn't sound that good to me so I didn't eat any.

Dessert, 4:30pm: A piece of chocolate pie with a glass of milk

Snack, 10:15pm: A little hungry when we got home so I had a handful of smokehouse almonds, 2 pieces of WW toast with ICBINBL and honey, and another Orange Fanta to finish off the day strong :)

Exercise: None--I had good intentions of going to the gym early this morning, but I decided to sleep in instead.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 7 - Annie

Breakfast, 8:00am: Oatmeal with skim milk, 1 piece of WW toast with ICBINB, water.

Snack 1, 12:30pm: 1 light string cheese and an Orange Fanta.

I went to get my hair cut and colored today and I didn't get time for lunch before I left.

Snack 2, 4:30pm: Another light string cheese and a bottle of water

Dinner, 6:30pm: 2 chicken tacos on a regular soft taco shell with cheese, sour cream, olives, and homemade salsa. I was ravenous come dinner time.
* The chicken was some that I made in the crock pot. I slow cooked a couple of chicken breasts in some chicken broth. The chicken had a really good flavor and still pretty good for you. I'm sure I could freeze the leftovers and save them for another meal. I think it would be good to have on hand.

Snack 3, 10:00pm: I was still hungry so I had a bowl (it was probably more like a bowl and a half) of Rice Chex with skim milk.

Exercise: NONE--I was going to go the gym but I didn't feel like I could leave Jake with Jim again since he had just watched him for me while I got my hair done. Jake of course bawled his eyes out the whole time I was getting my hair done. SO, I was going to go after I put Jake to bed. BUT, Jake was being a stinker. He usually goes down pretty easy, but not tonight. It was after 10pm by the time I got him to sleep and I still needed to make my sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving tomorrow so I bagged going to the gym.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 6 - Annie

Breakfast, 8:15am: 1 cup Kashi Go Lean cereal with skim milk

Snack 1, 11:45am: light string cheese

Snack 2, 2:00pm: Applesauce cup and a handful of almonds

Lunch, 3:30pm (finally): Cafe Rio Veggie Salad, pinto beans (asked for black and got pinto), house dressing. I was ravenous so I pretty much ate it all.

Dinner, 9:00pm: Vanilla protein shake with skim milk (after the gym), 2 pieces WW toast with ICINBL and honey.

Exercise: 1 hour pump class--she changed the routine so it kicked my butt...that's a good thing though :)

Day 6 Paula

Meal #1: Kashi Cereal with raspberries and FF Milk

Snack: String Cheese, diet coke

Meal #2: 2 pieces of WW Bread with Almond butter and honey, Costco Chips

Snack: Special K Crackers

Meal #3: Avacado Salad with Chicken from Kneaders MY FAVORITE! with ww bread and a bite of Sophie's sugar cookie

Snack: UNFORTUNATELY, two big homemade OREOS. DANG IT! But hey, they were good!

Exercise: Walk/Hills 1 Hour

Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 5 - Annie

Breakfast, 8:30am: 2 pieces of wheat whole grain toast with ICBINBL and honey. A piece of banana bread (it is now gone, thank goodness). Water to drink.

Snack 1, 11:30am: I caved and took a cookie from Gracie Lou's Quilt Shoppe on the way home from Jake's doctor's appointment.

Lunch, 2:00pm: 1/2 veggie avocado sandwich on foccacia bread. 12 oz. caffeine free diet coke (I only drank about 1/2 of it though).

Snack 2, 3:30pm: I ate the other 1/2 to my sandwich and I had a brownie, too :(

Snack 3, 5:30pm: Light string cheese before heading to the gym

Dinner, 7:00pm: Vanilla protein shake, 1 grapefruit, and 1 bowl of roasted veggies leftover from last night. And 1/2 of a 12 oz. Orange Fanta.

Snack 4, 9:30pm: Needed something else...I was still hungry so I had a bowl of rice chex with skim milk and a handful of smokehouse almonds.

Exercise: 1 hour pump class

Day 5 Paula

I am going to try really hard the next three days to do my best!

Meal #1: Oatmeal with FF milk and splenda brown sugar - 2 bites of Zach's pumpkin pie he had for breakfast! He loves pumpkin pie. Isn't that funny!

Meal #2: Oriental Chicken Salad from Blue Lemon YUMMY! Diet Coke, of course . . .

Meal #3: Costco Chips with Salsa

Meal #4: Potatoes with Eggs with ketchup. (not the most healthy, but we cleaned out our fridge)

Snacks: String cheese, unfortunately homemade oreos we made for family night. Oh well, tis' the season right? We are trying??? I keep telling myself that . . .

Exercise: Slim in 6 workout - It is a killer! 1 hour

Day 4 Paula

Not the best day. We decided to make Thanksgiving Dinner. Casey won a turkey at the Nielson shoot a couple of weeks ago, so it wasn't low calories by any stretch . . .

Meal #1: Fiber One Bar, Diet Coke

Meal #2: The BIGGIE! Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans and 2 1/2 whole wheat rolls with butter.

Meal #3: The REAL BIGGIEEEEEE: Two pieces of pumpkin pie with whipped cream. :( Oh well, it was mighty tasty!

I didn't have dinner because I felt too guilty about my lunch. Probably not the best choice, but oh well!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 4 - Annie

Another BAD day--sorry Paula. You may want someone else to join so you can get good ideas elsewhere. BTW, only Molly responded about joining. I added her, but she hasn't posted anything yet.

Breakfast, 8:30am: 2 pieces of banana bread with ICBINBL

Snack 1, 10:00am: low-fat Smores granola bar

Lunch, 12:30pm: 1/2 cup cottage cheese with mandarin oranges, handful of smoke house almonds, 2 more pieces of banana bread with ICBINBL, and a 12 oz. Orange Fanta. Great lunch, huh.

Dinner, 6:30pm: Baked chicken, roasted potatoes, carrots, and onions, stuffing, and another 12 oz. Orange Fanta.

Snack 2, 9:00pm: 2 pieces whole grain wheat toast with ICBINBL and honey

Excercise: None today, although I did deep clean my kitchen and organized my pantry. While getting Jake's amoxicillian out this morning, I tipped the bottle over and spilled thee entire bottle of medicine. SO, I deep cleaned my kitchen because of the spill :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 3 - Paula

Meal #1: Cafe Rio Chicken Tacos with black beans and rice - Ya I know this was a crazy first meal, but I didn't have breakfast and had a hair appointment and didn't make time. I went to grab a zone bar and there were NONE. My kids like them and it drives me CRAZY!!! NOT good to skip breakfast!

Meal #2: 1.5 oz. Almonds, Diet Coke

Meal #3: Turkey & Cheddar Pannini (with ICBINB), mixed fruit (blackberries, raspberries, strawberries & bananas) with fat free vanilla yogurt, sweet potato fries.

Midnight Snack: Sugar Free Jello Mousse - Pretty good! 60 calories

Exercise: A big NONE! I did park far away on purpose when I was shopping. I guess that is worth something . . . .

Day 3 - Annie

Snack 1, 7:15am: Light string cheese and a low-fat Smores granola bar. Water to drink.

Breakfast, 9:30am: Strawberry greek yogurt and a protein shake (2 scoops of protein with 3/4 cup skim milk).

Lunch, 12:00pm: 1 slice leftover pizza, 2 pieces of banana bread with ICBINBL

Snack 2, 2:00pm: 1/2 cup cottage cheese with a 10 or so mandarin oranges, handful of smokehouse almonds

Snack 3, 4:00pm: 2 pieces of whole grain toast with ICBINBL and honey

Dinner, 6:30pm: Ham and cheese sandwich on a whole wheat english muffin with a little mayo and mustard. Another piece of banana bread (it's almost gone, thank goodness), a few bites of the pasta Jim made for Ryan, and a 12 oz. can of Orange Fanta.

Excercise: 20 min. on the elliptical machine, legs and abs, 10 min. on the treadmill walking (I have blisters on my toes from walking around the mall yesterday so I couldn't run--they hurt too bad) I also cleaned bathrooms this afternoon :)
{I need to get my act together on eating. It will be better for me to get things prepared and have them in the fridge. If there isn't anything to eat, then I get frustrated and just eat whatever I can find. That is my next goal--get to the grocery store and get some of the staples so I have things on hand and ready to go}

Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 2 Paula

Meal #1: Kashi Go Lean Cereal with 1% milk

Meal #2: Zone bar, Diet Coke, sample of Cheesecake at Costco (just one bite :) )

Went to Costco and bought Almond Butter and the Chips on the grocery list. Bought lots of yummy berries and salad greens! Bought a yummy turkey breast and sweet potatoes. Going to make that tonight. Going to try and be good this weekend because I was horrible on Monday! Made cookies and ate half the dough. So I am counting that as my free day!

Meal #3: 1/2 Turkey Sandwich from Jimmy Johns: Wheat Bread, no mayo, cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado spread, big pickle YUMMY!

Meal #4: Other half of sandwich

Meal #5: Turkey Breast, small sweet potato with butter, green beans, mixed greens with apple, almonds and balsamic vinaigrette.

Must be a turkey day! I had my share of turkey! My dinner was big but I was starving!

Midnight snack: I had some caramel rice cakes. Probably 10 or so of the small ones. I was snackky!

Exercise: Walk/Hills 1 Hour

Day 2 - Annie

Snack, 7:15am: Light string cheese and a low-fat Smore's granola bar before goning to the gym. OH, and lots of water :)

Breakfast, 10:00am: Kashi Go Lean cereal (1 cup) with 1% milk. I usually eat this with Skim Milk but I grabbed the wrong milk and didn't notice until I had poured it.

Lunch, 1:45pm: I was out shopping so I ate out :) I had Honey Chicken with brown rice, lunch portion and a rootbeer.

Dinner, 6:30pm: 2 slices of pepperoni, olive, green pepper, red onion pizza from Pizza Factory (terrible, I know), half of a bread twist, a 12 oz. Orange Fanta soda, and a slice of homemade banana bread to boot :)

Excercise: 2o min. on the elliptical, arms and abs, 10 min on the treadmill running/walking

I didn't have that red hot of a day eating wise, but I did get alot of my Christmas shopping done. I only have a couple more people to buy for and wrapping. Wahoo!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yep, Here we Go!

Now I am scared. Annie is serious. I guess I am too!!!

Meal #1: Lehi Roller Mills Heart Healthy pancake with 1 scoop chocolate protein powder. (This is a first for me - it was just so, so. I will have to really be hungry to make it again.) Sugar Free syrup

Meal #2: string cheese, 17 Special K Multi Grain Crackers, Diet Coke

Meal #3: cottage cheese with tomatoes, 1 oz. almonds, FUZE

Meal #4: Whole Wheat Spaghetti, with meat sauce, peas, 1 cornbread muffin with honey

Exercise: P90X Arms - Raking leaves (that is worth something, right?)

Day 1 - Annie

Breakfast, 8:00 am: 2 pieces whole grain toast with (I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Light(ICBINBL) and honey, 1 strawberry greek yogurt, skim milk.

Snack 1, 10:45am: 1 light string cheese, 1 low-fat Smore's granola bar, finished off my Caffeine Free Diet Coke (CFDC) from last night.

Lunch, 1:30pm: Leftover Sour Cream Chicken (not sure how healthy it is, but I did make it with light sour cream and served it over brown rice), broccoli, and a 12 oz Orange Fanta soda.

Snack 2, 3:00pm: Handful of smokehouse almonds

Snack 3, 6:00pm: Piece of homemade banana bread

Dinner, 8:15pm: Leftovers again..we didn't make dinner tonight haha. And I had another piece of banana bread with water to drink.

Excercise: Cleaning--vacuumed my house with Jake in the Baby Bjorn. Believe me, it was excercise :) Pump class for 1 hour.

And We're Off

Here starts our journey to eat more sensibly and be accountable for it. Both Paula and I are going to write down what we eat each day so we can help each other and try getting healthy.