Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 6 Paula

Meal #1: Kashi Cereal with raspberries and FF Milk

Snack: String Cheese, diet coke

Meal #2: 2 pieces of WW Bread with Almond butter and honey, Costco Chips

Snack: Special K Crackers

Meal #3: Avacado Salad with Chicken from Kneaders MY FAVORITE! with ww bread and a bite of Sophie's sugar cookie

Snack: UNFORTUNATELY, two big homemade OREOS. DANG IT! But hey, they were good!

Exercise: Walk/Hills 1 Hour


  1. What Kashi cereal do you eat??

    Just curious, what is walk/hills?? Do you walk up hills or is it an excercise move?? Just wondering...

    Or, and do you like the almond butter then??

  2. I meant, oh and do you like the almond butter, haha.

  3. I tried just the regular Kashi and it tasted like I was eating cardboard! So I tried the cherrio looking kind and it is very good!

    We go for a walk but do some serious hills that gets me so out of breath that I can't even talk! They are good ones! We have lot of hills in Alpine!

    The Almond butter is just so-so. The jar is huge so I should give you some. I had to put some honey on it. It obviously has no sugar. I am sure it is another acquired taste!

  4. Umm, I think that salad sounds delish and so do the OREOS! I can't resist a homemade oreo, yum yum.