Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 12 - Annie

Snack 1, 9:00am: Low-fat Smores Granola bar

Breakfast, 10:40am: McDonalds Egg Mcmuffin and orange juice (awesome, I know. We took Ryan to get his H1N1 shot and decided to get breakfast after cause we were ravenous. The sad thing is, I was still hungry after I ate. Not worth it.)

Lunch, 1:30pm: Wasn't super hungry so I had some Costco chips (yummy, thank you...I owe you some $$, too) and some homemade salsa. YUM! Oh, and half of my Fanta for the day. I'll keep sipping on it throughout the rest of the day.

Snack, 3:40pm: 2 pieces of WW toast with ICBINBL and honey.

Dinner, 7:30pm: Sweet potatoes with brown sugar sauce, 1/2 of a light vanilla yogurt until Ryan took it over...still hungry so I had a ham and cheese sandwich with a little mayo and mustard and 1/4 of an avocado on one of those thin buns. Water to drink.

Exercise: 1 hour pump class

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