Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 2 - Annie

Snack, 7:15am: Light string cheese and a low-fat Smore's granola bar before goning to the gym. OH, and lots of water :)

Breakfast, 10:00am: Kashi Go Lean cereal (1 cup) with 1% milk. I usually eat this with Skim Milk but I grabbed the wrong milk and didn't notice until I had poured it.

Lunch, 1:45pm: I was out shopping so I ate out :) I had Honey Chicken with brown rice, lunch portion and a rootbeer.

Dinner, 6:30pm: 2 slices of pepperoni, olive, green pepper, red onion pizza from Pizza Factory (terrible, I know), half of a bread twist, a 12 oz. Orange Fanta soda, and a slice of homemade banana bread to boot :)

Excercise: 2o min. on the elliptical, arms and abs, 10 min on the treadmill running/walking

I didn't have that red hot of a day eating wise, but I did get alot of my Christmas shopping done. I only have a couple more people to buy for and wrapping. Wahoo!

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