Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 8 - Annie {Thanksgiving Day}

Yeah, it was Thanksgiving Day. Seriously, can anyone eat {good} on Thanksgiving Day??

Breakfast, 9:45am: 1 light string cheese, 4 oz. strawberry greek yogurt, and water. A little late cause I got up and got ready while the boys were asleep. Then the boys woke up and I had to bath them so I just grabbed something as we were walking out the door.

Snack, 10:15am: This is where it gets bad, haha. We stopped at Maverick to get gas...Jim wanted me to get him a Pepsi so I got myself a 32 oz. root beer and a 1.5 oz. package of smokehouse nuts. I also got Ryan a bag of plain Lays potato chips. He didn't eat breakfast that great today so I thought he may be hungry. I did have a couple of his chips, too.

Lunch, 2:00pm: This is hard cause I grazed before lunch. I'm just going to write down everything I ate just to get an idea of how much I really ate, ugh. I had a few Ritz crackers with easy cheese on them, a sweet pickle, a dill pickle, spinach dip with baguette bread--probably about 4 pieces of bread with the dip. For lunch I had mashed potatoes and turkey gravy, stuffing, two helpings of sweet potatoes with marshmallows (which is so unlike me--I don't even really like sweet potatoes. They were really good today though), and two homemade yummy rolls with Orange Fanta to drink. I didn't even have any turkey--didn't sound that good to me so I didn't eat any.

Dessert, 4:30pm: A piece of chocolate pie with a glass of milk

Snack, 10:15pm: A little hungry when we got home so I had a handful of smokehouse almonds, 2 pieces of WW toast with ICBINBL and honey, and another Orange Fanta to finish off the day strong :)

Exercise: None--I had good intentions of going to the gym early this morning, but I decided to sleep in instead.

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