Friday, November 27, 2009

Day 7, 8 & 9 OH BOY Happy Thanksgiving!

You are better than me, Annie!

I blew it this weekend, even today I have been having left over rolls and apple pie. But hey, I feel I am further ahead because of some choices in the past two weeks.

So I am getting back on the wagon . . . TOMORROW! :)

PS: I took the Costco Chips to Thanksgiving with my spinach dip and everyone loved them. I didn't tell them they are healthy chips! wink wink!

But now mine are gone. Maybe I will go get some tomorrow and bring them up Sunday and we can split the bag. OK?????


  1. Ok, sounds like a plan. I wish everything could just be healthy and taste good so we wouldn't have to worry about it so much. But, I've been wanting to try those chips so I'll definitely split some with ya.

  2. You should bring a bit of that almond butter, too, so I can try it. I'll pay you for the chips and the almond butter, too...