Monday, January 25, 2010

Here We Go!!!! Paula Day ONE!

Well, I am actually excited to get MOOOOOVING again. I have been on a two month vacation from eating healthy and exercise. Surprising, I don't think I gained any weight, just not feeling healthy! Not really a vacation. Lots of stuff going on that hasn't been exactly fun, but it is time to get serious again. I don't really know what food program I am following, maybe my own, but this is what I am eating today. . . .I am mainly trying to cut out sweets and cut back on portions. We will see what results I get from that . . . .

Breakfast: Multi Grain Cherrios, 1% milk

Snack #1: String Cheese, Orange, a couple mini-rice cakes

Lunch: Cottage Cheese and tomatoes, Diet Coke

Snack #2: Rice Cakes, Diet Coke

Dinner: Turkey breast, sweet potato, raspberries, cantaloupe, pineapple, with a little marshmallow cream dip :)

I need to go grocery shopping and stock up on healthy stuff!

Exercise: 1/2 hour run with Karen :)

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